Snow's BBQ - Lexington, Texas

Snow's BBQ, LLC.
516 Main Street
Lexington, TX 78947

Ph: 979.773.4640 (SAT ONLY)
Cell: 979.542.8189

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Perishable orders require a minimum order of $50.00
For shipping questions call 979-542-8189.

~ All orders are shipped on Tuesday ~
Orders must be received by previous Friday at 5pm (Central)




BBQ Brisket
A customer favorite. A trimmed brisket that has been slow cooked 8-10 hrs. Very tender! (feeds 8-12 people)


BBQ Pork Spare Ribs
Our BBQ pork ribs are slow cooked over a bed of coals… mmm good!
(1 whole slab)


Snow's Original Sausage
2 rings


Snow's Jalepeño Sausage
2 rings


BBQ Chicken
2 X ˝ = 1 whole
Ms. Tootsie’s Special…slow cooked yard bird that is juicy and tender.


BBQ Pork Steak
Try our big, thick, juicy pork steak…a local favorite. This is NO ordinary pork chop!


Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast
Three to four pounds.


Party Packs (Save up to 15%)




"Why We’re #1" Special
One brisket, one pork steak, one side of ribs, 2 rings regular sausage


"Tootsie" Sampler
One brisket, one pork steak, 2 rings regular sausage


"Here’s the Beef"
Three briskets


"Texas Special"
Two briskets, one side of ribs, 4 rings regular sausage


"Sausage Special"
10 rings sausage


Snow's Original BBQ Sauce

Snow's Original BBQ Sauce (14 oz.)
Shipping Price will be adjusted accordingly


Snow's Original BBQ Sauce (1/2 gal.)
Shipping Price will be adjusted accordingly


Snow's Spicy BBQ Sauce (14 oz.)
Shipping Price will be adjusted accordingly


Miscellaneous (Non-Perishables)





T-shirt (navy blue)
(free shipping in USA only)
"Smokin’ the good stuff"


Snow’s BBQ Cap
(free shipping in USA only)



Snow’s BBQ Koozie
Random colors
(free shipping in USA only)



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